Genesis 83-1 Visual Vocabulary

In the microdrawings, Ari developed a visual vocabulary that is embedded within the matrix of the iconographic layering in the painting Genesis 83-1. The two themes that coexist are the logical and intellectual control of science vs. the intuitive mysticism of metaphysics. The astronomical constellation of the Big Dipper and Polaris surrounds the ten Sefirot/chakra structures that play a part in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Kabbalistic cosmogenies. This painting connects the deep paradoxes of the cosmologies and cosmogenies of the Western vs. the Eastern historical traditions. Ari incorporated the chromatic spatial theory of Josef Albers to create the perceptual interaction among the advancing and receding color complexes.

83-1 Detail: Tiferet

The major visual center is the heart (fourth) chakra, called Tiferet in the Kabbalistic schema, which is surrounded by the nine other energy centers

83-1 Detail: Polaris

In the upper right corner is Polaris, the North Star.

83-1 Detail: Big Dipper

The bottom of the painting represents the handle and cup of the Big Dipper.

83-1 Detail: Double Star

The double star unites the two worlds: it is both Malkhut, the tenth sefirot, and a part of the Dipper’s handle.