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May we all be a little more like Ari, letter to the editor Jun 12 2020
His work ruined in rioting, a 90-year-old Minneapolis artist starts anew
, story in the Mpls Star Tribune written by Alicia Eler and photos by Jeff Wheeler, June 9 2020.

A 90-year-old Minneapolis artist lost it all in a protest fire — he’s ready to start over, story in The Forward by PJ Grisar, June 4 2020.

A Conversation with Ari Munzner, a 40-minute video of Ari in the Ivy Building studio discussing his artwork, by videographer Raven R Miller, 2019. 


The work investigates the relationship of art, science, and mythology through the mystery of the microcosm and the macrocosm

Genesis, Mural, 2009
Genesis, Mural, 2009
Acrylic on canvas