Investigating the relationship of art, science, and mythology through the mystery of the microcosm and the macrocosm

Aribert Munzner with his painting Genesis, Mural, 2009

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Conversations with Aribert Munzner by Lisa Roy and Katherine Boyce, Northeast Minneapolis Arts District News, Aug 1 2023.

Connecting art and faith by Joanna Reiling Lindell, Thrivent magazine Fall 2021 (p 10).

A Conversation with Ari Munzner, a 40-minute video of Ari in his Ivy Building studio discussing his artwork, by videographer Raven R. Miller, 2019. 

Jun 2020 Studio Fire: Strib photo essayForward articleAri's GoFundMe  

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Aribert Munzner

Aribert Munzner was born in Mannheim, Germany in 1930. He is still painting in his new California Building studio in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, despite the major fire that forced him to depart his old Ivy Building studio in June of 2020.

Munzner's work explores the formal potential of many different media as well as relationships between science and metaphysics. 
In 2000, Minneapolis College of Art and Design published a book: Aribert Munzner: Teacher, Colleague, Artist
Over the years, Munzner has worked from several studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and others in Florence, Italy; Tunis, Tunisia; and Sodus Point, New York.